How to Resign

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Always prepare in advance for your resignation. You need to get all of your personal property out of your office. Do this in advance in case you are locked out of your office. However, do not take company owned information or property.

Have a candid conversation with your supervisor. Let them know that you appreciate your present position. However, you have accepted another opportunity that is beneficial to your career. Let them know that you hope they respect your decision and will not try and convince you otherwise.

Give the appropriate two weeks notice. Most companies appreciate this gesture, and like to have your resignation in writing. Remember never to jeopardize your new position by sticking around at the old one too long.

Never accept a Counter Offer. Stick to your guns, you have made a well thought out decision and your word to your new employer is gold. Remember that you are leaving the company for a reason. For more information see Dealing with a Counter Offer.

Offer to help in whatever way possible. You may be able to assist in finding someone to replace you or help train a new employee.

Do not criticize the company you are leaving. Finish your time with your current employer and leave on a good note. Leaving behind a good name for yourself is what your career is all about.


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